Our Attorneys

SUN Samnang (Samnang) Partner and Attorney-at-law

Samnang is a registered member of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and a founding member of the Sotheaphal, Samnang, Sophy & Partners

Samnang has been advising and acting for investors and businesses, focusing on real estate, corporate set-up, corporate secretarial services and compliance, due diligence, and investment projects. In his career as practicing attorney, Samnang also handles family and marriage related issues both inside and outside the courts including divorces, succession, prenuptial agreements, adoptions (both domestic and cross-border), marriage registration (local and international), property division and child custody.

Samnang began his career as a legal advisor in the area of legal and judicial reform, working with various international organizations, Ministry of Justice, and courts since 2004. He is also the founding partner of Sotheaphal, Samnang, Sophy & Partners, a registered law firm of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and is currently teaching business laws at the Panasastra University of Cambodia.

Samnang holds two certificates of Master of Laws from the University of Hawaii School of Law, Hawaii, United States, and the Transnational University of Laws and Business, Republic of Korea, and has attended many legal trainings within the country and abroad.

Samnang has also been appointed as the Director of Nitei Niron Notary Public

Samnang speaks Khmer and English.

You may contact Samnang at
Mobile: (855) 12 3333 27
E-mail: samnang@spp-legal.com

Sophy is a registered bar attorney primarily in charge of our litigation department. Prior to becoming part of the firm, he has served as a law clerk and thereafter a lawyer at the Cambodian Defenders Project for 14 years, focusing on civil, commercial, and criminal litigation.

Sophy manages the litigation department of Sotheaphal, Samnang, Sophy & Partners Sophy holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (2002) conferred by the well-recognized Royal University of Law and Economics.

Sophy can communicate well in English, in addition to his native Khmer language.


You may contact Samnang at
Mobile: (855) 99 777 123
E-mail: sophy@spp-legal.com

CHEA Sophy (Sophy) Partner and Attorney-at-law

Pho Sotheaphal (Phal) Partner and Attorney-at-law

Sotheaphal is a lawyer admitted to the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and founding member of Sotheaphal, Samnang, Sophy & Partners. He has been advising investors, organizations and individual clients for more than seven years. His active practice covers banking and finance (including secured financing), real estate, due diligence, telecommunications, intellectual property, labour, and merger & acquisition.

Sotheaphal possesses an extensive knowledge and experience of Cambodian law, custom, and practice. He started his legal profession in 2000, the year he obtained a Bachelor of Law, as a law clerk at a branch of an international law group before serving as a legal researcher at the National Assembly in early 2002.

After receiving an LL.M. degree from the National University of Singapore in 2004, he assisted the National Assembly’s president and secretary general on legal and foreign affairs until 2008 and worked as a legal consultant for an international firm subsequently.

Sotheaphal has written textbooks on property and labour laws, and has attended a large number of law and business workshops in Cambodia and overseas.

Sotheaphal has also been appointed as Notary Public of Nitei Niron Notary Public

Sotheaphal speaks Khmer and English.